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505 E South Temple: Steiner American Building

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Colvin Engineering's Stephen Connor and CRSA's Historic Preservation Architect John Ewanowski discuss 505 East South Temple's transformation into a modern office space in "505 Steiner American".

Designed by Utah Architect William Browning in 1967, 505 East South Temple was Steiner American's headquarters for over 30 years. Maintaining the integrity of the original design, the renovation included a seismic upgrade, mechanical, electrical and plumbing updates, and programming alterations. Interior fixtures, wall and floor treatments, and accents were carefully selected by CRSA's Interior Designer Elaine Jones to bring a contemporary feeling into what is now officially an historic space.

John Ewanowski is an Historic Preservation Architect at CRSA, where he leads a team on adaptive reuse and historic preservation projects. Stephen Connor is a professional engineer and President of Colvin Engineering.

Watch the interview here, on our YouTube Channel. Special thanks to Robert Holman (videographer, editor), Fran Pruyn (interviewer, coordinator), John Ewanowski, Stephen Connor, and the rest of CRSA's Steiner American team (Kenneth Wheadon, Zach Heslop, Elaine Jones).
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